Firstleaf Kumkumadi Serum with saffron extracts

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Firstleaf Natural Skin Glow Kumkumadi Serum is a marvelous & revolutionary blend of finest herbs & plant oils which serves as a magical cure for most skin problems. The potent combination of plant, herb, fruit & milk extracts, and Kumkumadi Serum helps you to get a dream cum true skin. The unique formula not only helps brighten the skin tone enhancing its radiance but also promotes its firmness leading to youthful glowing skin. Firstleaf Natural Skin Glow Kumkumadi Serum contains Saffron, Red Sandalwood, Rose, Manjistha, Licorice extract & many other potent ingredients. The Serum has excellent antioxidant properties and helps balance the fire and air elements. It is especially effective for acne scars and dark spots. It can also combat common infections.

Ingredients of Kumkumadi Serum

Saffron Extracts

Known as the King of Herbs, Saffron has been used as a beauty care potion for ages. Due to its anti-oxidant & anti-bacterial properties, Saffron restores skin's youthful glow & fights pigmentation, dark circles & pimples.

Red Sandalwood

One of the most effective beauty aid used since ancient times to remove blemishes, rashes & acne due to its cooling & soothing properties. It is very effective to lighten skin tone.


Manjistha has excellent anti Acne properties and it helps in reducing skin inflammation.



Another effective ingredient- Mulethi or Licorice has potent anti-fungal & and bacterial properties that help keep the skin away from dark spots & circles. Enzymes present in Mulethi block UV rays minimizing sun damage & aging effects on the skin.


Benefits of Kumkumadi Serum

Heals Wounds & Infection

kumkumadi serum is believed to promote collagen production, which can further help to heal wounds and reduce scarring

Relives Itchy Scalp

Kumkumadi Serum has many uses and can solve all skin problems. Its moisturizing properties offer relief for dry & itchy scalp. Kumkumadi Serum, a great hair conditioner, nourishes hair and increases blood circulation to hair follicles. This will eventually promote hair growth.

Improves Complexion

Kumkumadi Serum has antioxidants and antibacterial properties that help in blood circulation and revitalizes skin cells. Kumkumadi Serum also helps remove dead skin cells, improve texture, and make your skin even more toned.


Diminishes Dark Spots & Blemishes

With the Ayurvedic recipe of blending natural Serum and herbs like Saffron and Lotus extracts, Kumkumadi serum is highly efficacious in minimizing dark spots and pigment in bright and spotless skin. It effectively diminishes fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles and keeps signs of aging at bay.


Moisturizes Dry Patchy Skin

It is highly moisturizing, treats dryness, injects moisture and penetrates deep into the inner layer of skin to improve moisture levels, making your skin soft, plump, and intensely moisturized.


Fights Acne & Pimples

The antibacterial properties of Kumkumadi Serum make it effective in fading acne marks. It regulates the skin's surface and reduces the appearance of pores by eliminating dirt and toxin. It helps prevent pimples and acne.


How to use Kumkumadi Serum

Cleanse and Dry your face with soft cloth

Apply Directly on Face

Massage Slowly & Gently

Massage using upward & outwards strokes

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I am in love with this product

I am someone who does not always go from skincare products but ever since I have started using this product. Oh my god!!! I am a fan. This product is totally worth money and leaves your skin with glass like glow.

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