Our Story 
At FirstLeaf, we believe in appreciation of all that is gifted to us by the nature. Hence, we as a brand, love to express our gratitude and give it back to the Earth by serving humanity through our line of wellness products that are infused with the goodness of Nature, and are free of toxins and harmful chemicals, along with being cruelty-free. Our mission is to keep you looking beautiful, that you are, not through multiple re-applications of beauty products but by enhancing your beauty and make it much flawless, even toned and ageless.

Our Vision

First leaf aims to build a strong presence within different market segments, from millennials to adults. In the times when the consumers want to be much aware of the products they are using, the brand’s unique selling point lies in nothing but it’s manufacturing process.

FirstLeaf’s marks it’s presence into the beauty and wellness industry through best quality products that are made with organic, local ingredients and age-old herbs. All our products are designed and made in India, are free of chemicals and toxins, Parabens, Sulphates & Artificial fragrances. Our range is made with high concentration of organic ingredients. The brand also takes eco-friendly measures to ensure that the range is animal cruelty free. 

We consistently experiment and expand our range with new products which has helped us gain a loyal customer base and goodwill in the cosmetic industry. With our line up of products, we have designed for our consumers, a skin care routine that works it’s magic, deep within the skin, giving you a natural glow, that doesn’t require you to use endless make-up in order to look beautiful.

Brand Philosophy
We understand that hair and skin care products comprise of many chemicals that harm the wellness and health of the consumers. Besides, they contribute negatively towards the environment as well. Our philosophy is to ensure the most effective and efficient consumption along with the creation of future for the mankind.

We commit ourselves to protect the environment from unwavering chemicals and pollution and go the extra mile to preserve the nature. Our manufacturing process and the final output is thoroughly assessed, and careful measures, are taken, time and again to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.