How to introduce a new skin care routine, with the new year 2022
You are making many new resolutions with 2022. So, let’s talk about making a new skin routine as well. Whether you are searching various tips to get a healthy skin or thinking to buy that new product sitting in your shopping cart, take a note to keep a few things in mind before you introduce your skin to it’s new better self.

1.) Firstly, you need to identify what is it that you are looking to fix in your skin. You might want to add those new products to your routine that specifically address the skin conditions that you are experiencing.

What can you do?: Take a skin quiz online and find the products tailored to your skin type and problems.

2.) We get your excitement to buy a shiny new bottle but before you introduce it, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

What can you do?: Introduce your skin to one product at a time and use this product for a month without making anymore additions to your skincare routine. So buy only one product for starters.

3.) When your product arrives, ensure that you take a patch test first to identify if your skin is compatible with the product. You don’t want want to apply it entirely on your face and body only to have it cause some irritation later incase it doesn’t suit your skin.

What can you do?: Apply a small amount of base from the product to a patch of your skin, specifically behind your ear. Wait for a few hours to spot negative reactions if any. Continue the use if no negative reactions occur.

Note: There can be some chances of experiencing skin irritation as your skin is new to the active ingredients present in the product. But any irritation or breakout activity should be for a brief period of time, like few days and not weeks.

4.) If there is one product that is always going to support all the other products and is almost a necessity- it is your sunscreen. Without a sunscreen, any other product is irrelevant.

What can you do?: Always keep SPF 30 in your skin care routine, and protect your skin against UV degeneration and free radical damage.

5.) Go slow and in flow with the process. Some product may take one or two months to show best results. The key is to have patience and apply these product in the correct manner and at correct hours of the day.

What can you do?: Be consistent. But if you do not see any results, you can stop using it after a month.
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