AloeVera Gel: Magic Spell For Your Skin
AloeVera has been widely known for it’s beauty benefits in the cosmetics and care industry. We are all aware, of it’s wonders in achieving a moisturised skin and nourished hair. But what we don’t know is- that the magical plant when packed in a versatile form such as FirstLeaf AloeVera Gel with the goodness of manjistha, can be combined with different products and into natural recipes to offer numerous unconventional benefits.

1.) AloveVera ice cubes: In recent years, glass skin has become a trend. By adding ice cube rub to your skin care routine, you can get shiny, smooth skin as it shrinks the pores and makes the skin glow from within. Adding AloeVera to your cube, can boost it’s magic. Just fill the ice cube tray with aloe vera gel and voila, and you have an aloe vera gel cube ready. You can now apply and move it gently on your face to feel fresh and soothe the burns if any. You can also apply it before your make-up to create a flawless base.

2.)AloeVera face packs: Every now and then comes a time when you are all about self-pampering. So bring on the face mask of your choice and add a dose of FirstLeaf AloeVera gel to it. Half a teaspoon of our AloeVera Gel may add extra moisture to your skin. You can also look to creating DIY packs with honey, yogurt and other home ingredients and add our AloeVera gel to the same to cleanse your skin.

3.) AloeVera Make-up Remover: Make-up can contain a lot of chemicals and to get rid of them, by the end of the day can be quite a task. But FirstLeaf AloeVera Gel makes it eezy peezy. Swap your regular make-up remover for our gel which feels gentle on your skin. It is safe to use while removing eye-makeup. Just take some gel on a cotton ball and wipe away all the stubborn makeup remains.

4.) Shaving Gel: FirstLeaf AloeVera gel is a great alternative for shaving creams and gels. It’s gentle properties gives a smooth swipe alongside moisturising the skin. It also has antiseptic properties that can treat small cuts caused while shaving. You can also use it for sensitive areas such as underarms and bikini areas

5.) AloeVera Eyebrow Gel: With FirstLeaf AloeVera gel in your skin kit, you won’t need an eyebrow gel to hold your brow hair in place. Condition and take your eyebrows easily by dipping a q-tip in the AloeVera gel and smoother over your eyebrows. A natural, easy to apply gel that is safe and not even greasy, is now yours! Bonus: it also helps promote hair growth and keeps the brows dark and lush.
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