10 ways to use FirstLeaf Baby Massage Oil.
Whoever said Baby oil is reserved for the babies, has never seen it’s real magic. In this article, we will for ever change your perception about how you can use your little one’s oil for yourself, for your house chores, and for other activities that your baby will love, in 10 ways other than his massage.

A remedy to your skin-

1.) Removes make-up: The stubborn layers of makeup on your face and eyes can often be time consuming and frustrating to remove. FirstLeaf Baby massage oil feels super gentle on the skin and washes out all the make-up remains of your day. Just grab a cotton ball, And soak it in the oil and you are good to go! It is that simple and even more safe and effective to use, hydrating your skin, more than a regular cleaner does. What a win-win!

2.) Makes shaving effortless: FirstLeaf Baby massage oil is a great alternative to a shaving cream as it may help protect your skin from razor bumps when you shave, leaving your skin moisturised and supple post the regime. However, in the shower, do take a note to be cautious and not let it slip.

3.) Repairs skin: Got Cracked heels? Worry not. Use our Baby Massage oil. Take a small amount of it, before the bedtime and rub it gently on the heels until it seeps into your skin. Put on a pair of socks and wake up to it’s magic, and find your feet smoother with every use.

4.) Provides regular hydration: Unlike other oils that feel greasy on the face and skin, FirstLeaf Baby massage oil with it’s non-sticky and gentle formula can help restore moisture in your dry, tight skin. Apply the oil all over, post the shower for giving a silky smooth finish to your skin.

5.) Improves Nail Growth: If your have brittle nails and want to add strength to them, use a few drops of FirstLeaf Baby oil as a cuticle oil and see your cuticles soften and shine with all the abundance packed in our bottle. Just one swipe and longer, stronger nails can now be yours!

6.) Adds texture: A small amount of baby oil closes hair cuticle when massaged into freshly washed hair, and helps add a smooth texture to your hair. You will also benefit from heat damage caused by blow-drying, that causes your hair to look dry and dead. With our oil, get shinier, and less frizzy hair instead.

7.) Eases cradle cap: Cradle caps are harmless and never contagious. But if your baby has cradle cap, then you may consider FirstLeaf Baby Massage oil as it can help ease your dear one’s sensitive skin from the irritation. You can pour a few drops onto your baby’s head and brush it into the scalp with a gentle brush with soft bristles. Even better, add it to your baby’s bath routine to help reduce the effects.

A solution for your house-
8.) Removes smudges: With your baby, playing around, it can get quite messy to have his hands move about the clear as crystal looking appliances in your house. FirstLeaf Baby massage oil is an apt option to remove finger stains, smudges and spots from your appliances. Since it is alcohol-free, it causes no harm to them, making them shine even more.

9.) Cleans shower curtains: Periodically, you will see that mild dew will often gather at the bottom of your shower curtain liner. You can now get rid of it by dabbing a cloth into FirstLeaf Baby massage oil and scrubbing the spots before rinsing the liner with water. This way, you can have the mildew come right off. Only ensure that you use your shower head to spray the spots that you scrubbed to rinse off the oil.

10.) Removes band-aids: Bandaids can cause some pain to little babies, when peeled off the skin. To help ease the discomfort, you can take a cloth, soak it in FirstLeaf Baby massage oil and gently rub it on the desired area. This will release the stubborn stickiness of the band-aid and make it less painful for the baby when ripped off the skin.
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